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Within Italy’s mind, a wonderful world that circled around love and peace began to form. A land of green grasses, blossoming flowers and buds, flourishing trees and beautifully kept Italian buildings dotting the roaming valleys. The sun was high in the sky, clouds weaving in and out carefully around the rays of sunlight. Patches of water as large as lakes stretched across the grassland, lapping at their edges with foliage flourishing around them.

One spot in particular beside a rather large lake had a table and chairs set near it. The table was set up where the sand began to dissipate into grass, two chairs opposing one another on either side of it. A tree settled beside the table hung its branches over it, shading them from the blunt heat of the sun. A few birds chirped in the tree, fluttering the wings as a squirrel hopped past them, the leaves rustling gently beneath the weight of the small animals.

As Italy finally joined this perfect world, a gentle wind brushed against him, the grass beneath his boots bending and rubbing against his heels and toes. His curl was momentarily wisped to the side before returning beside his ear, the wind dying down and allowing the lap of the lake and inquisitive sounds of small animals be heard.

At the table, which wasn’t very far from Italy, a figure was sitting in the chair closest to the trunk of the tree, their identity hidden thanks to the shade the tree cast over the table. The figure looked up and spotted Italy as soon as he had appeared, it almost seeming as if he knew he was coming. The figure raised an arm and beckoned him over, a smile hidden by the dark overcast the tree caused.

As Italy entered into the pseudo world of his subconscious, a smile laid on his face as the dazzling world of peace and love was laid out all for him. His steps slowed as the small animals native to the land scampered and fluttered among their natural surroundings. His attention however was averted from the critters as the figure under the nearby tree waved out to him. He did not know who this person was, but inside he deeply knew this was someone important… someone close.

The Italians smile widened as he waved, ‘Ciao!” he called out, the hello being carried easily through the quiet and wide atmosphere. He picked up as pace to a delightful skip, not feeling the need to hurry too much in his world of care-free, but in a pace to meet his friend. As Italy entered the shade of the tree, the cooling sensation of the suns blockage by the giant tree that had masked his friend covered over him.

As Italy entered the safety of the shade, the stranger’s face was revealed: Germany sat across from Italy with an uncharacteristically happy smile. His eyes shimmered like polished sapphire diamonds despite the fact that there wasn’t enough sun to reflect so much light in them. He was wearing an Italian Military uniform, one which was strikingly familiar to the uniform that Italy often wore. An iron cross was placed just beneath the opening of the collar, his faded blue hat that he often wore during drill having been placed on the table.

The German smiled sweetly at the Italian, his hands hidden in his lap. “Ciao! I’ve been waiting for you, Italy.” He said, his deep voice sounding strange in such a cheerful tone.

He held up his right hand, a wine glass filled with red wine held delicately between his fingers. “Would you like some?” He asked, holding it out for the Italian to take. His hands were glove-free, an occurrence which was extremely rare.

Italy’s ears perked as he saw who it really was, his smile altered greatly from a goofily one to more of a sweeter one. “You have? I’m sorry, I should have come sooner.” He came forward a bit more as he examined the scene a lot more carefully, more importantly, what Germany was wearing. He’s wearing my forces uniform? Wait, there’s more than that… is that a smile?

The Italian reached out and slid the wine carefully from the Germans exposed fingers, taking a sip before pausing, just realizing that they were exposed. “Oh!” he exclaimed quietly, reaching out once more and taking Germanys hand gingerly. Italy smiled as he ran his thumb over one of his digits, “I almost forget how soft your hands are with those gloves on all the time.” He noted with his usual cheerful tone.

Italy took his attention from the man’s hands to get a better view of the small area in the shade, noticing the chair next to him. He quickly took a seat, his hands sliding from the other man’s so to take another sip of his wine before smiling up to Germany once again.

Germany smiled back, looking down at his own hands with a strange, nostalgic look in his eyes, one that said he was glad he had these hands – as if he had never had them before.

Germany looked away from his hands after only a few more seconds, giving Italy a bright smile that could easily mirror Italy’s. He lifted up his right hand, holding a wine glass of his own, raising the lip to his mouth and taking a sip. “Mm – Can we talk to each other? Like friends do?” Germany then asked, setting the glass down and giving Italy a bright, hopeful gaze.

“We can talk about pasta –“ Germany lifted his hands from his lap, a plate of pasta held in his palms, and set it down on the table. “-- or pizza –“ He lifted his hands up again and set a slice of pizza down on top of the pasta. “ – or swimming –“ Once again, he lifted his hands and this time revealed Italy’s swimming suit trunks, setting it beside the pasta. “ – or art –“ He lifted a canvas and paint brush onto the table, pushing the plate aside to make room. The canvas revealed a painting of a messily drawn pink bunny, the outlines making it obvious the artist had tried very hard but failed at making the rabbit come out the way he wanted it to. “ – or love …..” Germany trailed off there, blushing slightly as he lifted up a small, white heart made out of fabric, sewn onto a stick with the words ‘GermanyxItaly’ written on it.

Italy blinked as the different sorts of items were presented to him, each one after the other having leaned close in excitement of the item itself. A hand trailed over the canvas’s picture, eyes scanning it as he knew exactly who it was from, while the swimming trunks caught attention as well, recalling it from when Germany, Japan and himself were trapped on the desert island, good times. But the one that mostly caught his attention was the final one; the heart itself had looked like a white flag but modified to convey love. His cheeks flustered, his breath quick with excitement pounding in him. This is so nice of Germany… so so nice.

Italy was quiet for a few more moments before setting down his wine glass, being careful not to tip it over as he slid out of his chair. He rounded the table quickly to reach to Germany’s side before just simply hugging him tightly, “ooooh Germany Germany Germany,” he murmured over and over. He rubbed his cheek against the other similar to what a cat would do before tilting a bit more to his have lips brush against his cheek. Italy giggled a bit like a school girl at his motion before doing it again, “I love you~”

Germany shivered ever so slightly, eyes growing quite round as a look of shock and confusion passed over his features. He gulped quietly, looking as if he honestly didn’t know what to do – as if this was completely new and mystifying for him.

It took him a few seconds to regain himself, finally coming up with a reaction to Italy’s, apparently, alien actions. He turned to him and gave him a smile, placing a peck gently on the Italian’s ever-so-slightly rosey cheek. “I love you, too, Italy.” He replied, his smile broadening a little more.

He stood a moment after, taking Italy’s hand into his own and grinning with anticipation. “So, what would you like to do?” He asked, holding the canvas up alongside the swim trunks, smile refusing to falter.

Italy’s cheeks grew slightly red at the returning show of affection, smiling more even when he was asked the question. “um, hm,” The Italian looked between both items before back to the area around them. At seeing the sparkling clear and inviting water of the lake nearby, his ears perked as his decision was made, “the water looks too good to pass up, how about we cool off in a bit of swimming?” he asked excitedly as he took hold of the trunks from the others hand.

Germany grinned, letting out an excited breath before inhaling again. “Ah! Okay! I’d love to do that!” Germany took a hold of Italy’s hand, turning and leaping over/through the chair he had sat in only moments ago.

A smile like no other he had ever worn was spread without hesitance along the German’s cheeks, a sound that resembled a soft chuckle emitted from his throat. His eyes were bright and buoyant as he ran with the Italian behind him, running at a surprisingly comfortable pace.

He looked over his shoulder at Italy, giving him a loving smile. When they ran under another tree, the shadow cast by its full branches caused the larger nation to momentarily disappear. However, when they were beneath the sun again, Germany was still leading Italy to the water, now dressed in swim trunks of his own without any explanation as to how. If Italy looked down, he would have noticed that he, too, had somehow miraculously changed into his swim trunks.

Italy reflected Germanys loving smile as he kept up to pace with his commander, not paying quite attention to how he and Germany suddenly changed, it was how it was and he didn’t want to start doubting anything now. His pace quickened momentarily to be close enough to Germany so to reach out and take his hand into his own. This… was right, it felt. That nothing could just be wrong between them at this point.

The two came up to the water not soon after, Italy looking down into it with curiosity as he saw both their reflections, “um... is it cold? I hope not.” He worried momentarily, always having worried that for a moment when going for a swim. “Wanna test it out?”

Germany looked down at the water as well, smiling when he saw his reflection. His smile said something new, though …. It said he liked what he saw; liked it as if it were something new …. But the strange smile was quickly replaced by a more curious one as Germany stepped into the water without fear, letting go of Italy’s hand so he could go in a bit farther.

The German stopped when the water reached his knees, turning around and giving Italy a confident smile. “The water is very warm; it’s perfect!” He paused, smile becoming ever so slightly coy, as if he were a little shy about what he was going to say, “…. Like you.”

He held out his right hand, beckoning Italy to join him with a gaze that portrayed only the purest of love. The sun shimmered upon the liquid from above, its rays hitting Italy’s shoulders and daring him to go into the water in order to refresh his hot skin.

Italy bit his lip to conceal a squeal of delight from Germany’s actions. Everything was so… perfect. Germany was with him, they were enjoying themselves in a paradise.

I wish I can stay like this forever.

“I’m coming!” Italy exclaimed before he hesitantly went into the water, realizing it was warm. He smiled in satisfaction before he ran out to Germany, arms held out to give a hug, “Germany! Hug me!” he giggled, this being a usual show of affection for him. But just before he had been in arms reach, the land below the water dropped beneath him. With a small gasp of surprise, Italy was plummeted down into the depths of the lake at an alarming rate. He struggled as he began drowning, filling his lungs began running out of air, water beginning to take its place and the sun of the perfect scene beginning to fade… away.

Italy coughed, his head suddenly throbbing at a mild pace as water was spit out of his mouth. Reluctantly, the Italian opened his eyes, seeing he was back in his cell with Germany. He rubbed his eyes in small confusion, not seeing what was the cause of the interruption of the perfect dream… until he noticed Germany standing above him with a now empty canteen in hand. And just like that, the information clicked.

Aw... I knew it was too good to be true.
Just in case you guys didnt know, in this rp gerita is all ready a thing sooooo yup yup. But now you get to see the original dream sequence! A looot more complex than what the game managed to be made into, but a classic indeed~

Again, this isn't the novelization of the game, this is the original document it was based from~
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Soooooo cuuuuuuute! But it was all just a dream :( I really hope the game ends with a happy GermanyXItaly :D
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