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If I made a Top 10 series, what would you like to see? 

311 deviants said Best Hetagames
105 deviants said Worst Hetagames
82 deviants said Fan Fav moments
6 deviants said Other (Comment)
Up until the 4th of July on Steam, RPG Maker VX Ace is on sale for 10 dollars and RPG Maker XP is for 6.50!! So if yall wannt buy cheap tools to make games or hetagames NOWS THE TIME GOGOGOGOGO

VX Ace:…


The muse for Hetarella has hit me like a truck so I'm gonna be working on some extremely sad scenes today, and probably also run through the whole game to bugtest/show it off. so if ya wanna see the neato fairytale game Im doin, come along and join the fun!

Up until the 4th of July on Steam, RPG Maker VX Ace is on sale for 10 dollars and RPG Maker XP is for 6.50!! So if yall wannt buy cheap tools to make games or hetagames NOWS THE TIME GOGOGOGOGO

VX Ace:…
If I made a vlog thing on youtube (like just kinda talkin bout life and other things im up to irl since i rarely get much chances to interact yall) would it be interesting at all/would anyone watch or should i just stick with only gaming stuff?
If I made a Top 10 series, what would you like to see?
311 deviants said Best Hetagames
105 deviants said Worst Hetagames
82 deviants said Fan Fav moments
6 deviants said Other (Comment)
Devil leaned against the ice pillar, glancing at the door to Temperance’s sanctuary every once in a while as he idly twirled his scythe in his hands. It felt wrong to let the trespassers in, not having just killed them still bothered him and made his skin itch. But he knew Temperance, and usually he was one to let in anyone, no matter who they were or where they came from. Hell, that’s how he came to be his guardian. Just randomly positioned with Temperance and he welcomed him as a friend almost instantly.

He sighed through his nose, steam rising up from his nostrils from the conflicting temperature of breath and air. He was strong as well; he could take care of himself. He had nothing to fear. He had nothing to fear.

With another moment of waiting, Devil pushed himself off of the pillar, going over to the door that separated the two rooms. While he liked to be in as much pitch black darkness as he could, he could manage going into Temperance’s room if it meant he’d be safe, right? He set his hand on the door, pushing it up so he could go in.


Devil gave a short gasp of being startled, the door going back closed as he whirled around. Even with the limited lighting, he could still make out the tall form of his Master very easily. The glowing blue eyes also helped with that too. He bowed forward out of instinct.


“Why the hell are they in Temperance’s room? You were supposed to keep out all trespassers.” Reve stepped forward, heading over until he was practically nose to nose with the pseudo-Russian. “You hate them. You despise any stranger who set foot on your ground. Why them? They are enemies. They have killed our kind. Why are they here?

Devil glanced away from the others bright gaze, mostly out of his own comfort. He kept still; knowing better than to move away from him, as doing so would show a sign of disobedience.

“My misfits mistook one of them as me, I was not aware of their existence until they had arrived at the door. They beat me down and passed. End of story.”

“No, no, no. I know you. You wouldn’t have stopped until you were dead. Why are you not dead?”

“I simply did not feel like dying. They held back despite everything I threw at them. I do not think they wished to hurt me. They kept saying they had a friend in that room. I suppose my doubt got the better of m—“

Devil tensed as his hair was grasped, Reve taking a step back to make some room between them so he could yank him forward. This was incredibly odd behavior, what could have brought this on?! He winced in the tight grip, glancing up to see his so called ‘master’s glinting white teeth grinning down at him.

“Do you realize what you have done? As we speak those outsiders are beating Temperance. He wished I would not interfere, so I am refraining from the fight. But they are going to kill him, just as he did to Chariot.”

… Chariot? Why was he involved? Wait a moment.

Devil’s eyes widened a little, looking up to the false American incredulously.

“They… killed Chariot?”

“Yes, they did. I saw it. Right in cold blood. They are doing the same to Temperance. They are going to kill him, and steal away my wonderful brother along with them. Temperance will die.” Reve kept Devil’s head low, bending down just a little so he could talk to his ear. “And it’s all… your… FAULT.” Without warning, Reve’s claws pushed out through his seemingly human hands, spearing Devil in the head a bit before pulling him forward more to throw him on the ground.

Devil grunted as he hit the ground, reaching up to touch his head, not even having to look to know it was bleeding profusely. His ears perked a bit, hearing the heavy footfalls of the other drawing nearer. Instead of just lying down and taking it however, Devil rolled over to get back up on his feet, picking his scythe up right along with him. Reve raised an eyebrow, looking over him up and down.

“What do you plan to do with that, eh? Attack me? Try to slice and dice your master?”

“I plan to live. Temperance will not die. I will make sure of that.”

“You dumb shit. I can’t be killed but, all right.” Reve raised both of his hands, his claws growing onto his other hand as well. “Have it your way, Devil.”

They both stood in anticipated silence for a bit, waiting for someone to make the first move. Devil dryly gulped, shifting his scythe up in a defensive position. He stared down his smiling master for a while before he blinked, and the man had vanished. Devil glanced around him before he looked up, raising a hand for his misfits to rise from the ground, illuminating the room momentarily.

In that moment, he hardly had a second to react, dodging to the left in time for Reve to nearly pierce his claws through his shoulder. He took a sharp breath through his teeth, while it fully not being impaled, it still struck his shoulder. As he regained his footing, he took a swing towards the dream creature, gritting his teeth at seeing the other jump over it so easily. He side stepped over to keep his guard up, but with a quick flash, the other was gone again, and with another dodge roll came a now deep claw marked streak across his side.

Devil faltered, staring at Reve as he looked at his slightly red hands. He pursed his lips, clicking his tongue once as he looked up to Devil, his eyes glowing behind his framed glasses.

“I could make this painless, Devil. If you just stay still, your head will be on the floor before you can count to three.”

“Wouldn’t a better punishment be to let me fester here with Temperance’s corpse?”

“He won’t have a corpse. He’ll be dead on the inside. All~ because~ of~ you~”

Devil furrowed his brows in confusion, but didn’t really take much time to question it as he swung his scythe again. Reve giggled loudly as he jumped, noticing spikes erupting from the ground to where ever he would try to land. So where better to land than on Devil’s blade? Devil staggered slightly at the added weight, dropping it to try to make the reaper land in the spikes, but it would seem his feet were attached.

Right, he controlled the physics here. … Shit.

With his moment of hesitation, Reve leapt forward from his spot on the blade, tackling Devil down, making sure both claws were out to thrust into the other’s chest. Devil gasped as colors flashed in front of his eyes, his scythe slipping away from his grasp as the momentum plummeted him straight down to the ground. His eyes trailed down with the many spikes of fingers imbedded into his chest. Reve grinned as he practically sat on top of him.

“There we go~ Let’s get this over with, mm?” Reve noted, his tone not even sounding like anything was wrong with this scenario. Devil’s chin quivered a bit unwillingly, the pain surging through his body being hard to handle. He tried to take a deep breath to control himself, but before he had the chance to exhale, Reve pulled his hands in opposite directions. With little difficulty, he tore his claws through his chest cavity, splitting it apart. Reve’s eyes narrowed, looking for something specific in that now gored bloody mess he had his hands in. Hm, perhaps he didn’t have his claws deep enough to hit that part of him, but it didn’t matter. This body wouldn’t be long for this world.

He slowly drew his claws out, pushing himself up and seeing Devil uselessly covered in both blood and tears on the floor as he just struggled to keep awake. There, that should teach him. If Canada couldn’t be happy here and Temperance had to die from it, then he had to suffer the same fate. It was only fair and equal.

“His death is inevitable. I have a chance to trap them here so they won’t hurt anyone else. They’re so-called magic will fade in time and they’ll be kicked out. Then they can’t touch any of us anymore. Yes, good plan. … And if this place does fall on them, well, then even better! It’ll be a shame but, it’ll be something.” The fake American waved a little down to Devil one last time before fading away.

The Arcana was left there covered in red, sniffing noisily as he tried to breathe deeply with his surprisingly intact lungs. He felt cold, colder than any ice he had ever conjured. But that beast of a Master was planning on destroying this place. Even if Temperance was going to die, he still had to get out. But he was on death’s doorstep, how could he?

He looked around, seeing his circle of misfits close in around him, hovering around his weakening corpse. Perhaps… perhaps he could buy some time.

“… My friends… please... I want to save him… let me… l-let me have your warmth… let me have your light… please… let me save him…”

The orbs of fire seemed to tilt in thought with the idea, rotating slightly as if to look at each other questioningly. But within only a couple of moments, they pushed up against each other, one swallowing another and so on before becoming a large flame. The large flame slowly descended onto Devil’s body, consuming it in its fire, slowly being absorbed into the Arcana’s form.

Devil winced at the light, squeezing his eyes tight. Even behind shut eyes everything was white, and everything was warm. He couldn’t feel the ground under him any longer, almost being weightless. Was he too late? Was he all ready dead? Hesitantly, he opened his eyes, blinking before having them widen.

His head was resting on Temperance’s lap, under the snow powdered tree. The violet eyed Canadian smiled warmly down to him, reaching up to comb his bangs away from his eyes.

“Is this any better?”

“… Temperance?”

“I know you don’t like the light, it’s why you always stay in your cave, right? Maybe this tree’s shade can help.”

Devil frowned a little, opening his mouth again to speak, but slowly closing it as Temperance hummed softly while he fussed with his hair a little more. He was back in his room, where the only amount of sunlight could come in at all. He hated the sun, it was too bright, and it felt like it burned his flesh. The only warmth he could handle was from his drops of fire that followed his every command. Or, at least that’s what he always thought.

When he was reassigned to watch over Temperance, that started to change. Temperance would sneak away to go greet him in the darkness, to talk to him despite being left in a frightfully dark chasm. Soon he was convinced to visit Temperance in his home. He could hardly get past the front door the first few times, only being able to manage a few steps before having to retreat back into the dark.

But then one day, Temperance took him by the hand and rested him under the tree.

Just like this.

Devil dryly gulped, slowly realizing this must have been a dream, or some sliver of his life was flashing in front of his eyes. He wanted to raise a hand to touch him, but he couldn’t feel his body at all. All he could do was stare up at him, the one man who held all the warmth of the sun in his smile.

Even he could have managed to bear looking at the sun, if it played off of his hair.

“… I’m sorry, Temperance.”

He could still talk; he might as well get this out there.

“I’m sorry for not being able to help you. I was useless and let you be killed. It’s all my fault.”

Temperance paused, his smile faltering for a moment. He sighed through his nose, glancing up and away towards the sky, past the branches of their tree before looking back down at him. His eyes seemed to glisten a little.

“… Devil. Don’t worry about me. I’m not dead; I just have a higher calling to get to. I’m fine with this.”

The Russian blinked. Wait, was this his own mind filling in the words, or was Temperance actually talking to him. He opened his mouth to object, but paused as Temperance sifted his fingers through the others wheat-colored hair once again.

“This was fun. I wish we could have had a longer time to be in each other’s company. But, I want to ask you something, before we go.”

“Yes, anything.”

“… Could you please look after them?”


“Yes… them. The outsiders. I have heard their plea and all they want is to be with their loved ones again. I can’t bear to think of what they could be going through. … Master is not in his right mind any longer. I cannot help any longer as well. Take care of them.”

“But… they killed you.”

Temperance softly chuckled, leaning his head down to rest against Devil’s forehead. The larger man sighed a little in relief, the others skin feeling so warm against his own chilled flesh.

“I keep telling you, I’m still here. You’ll see me again very soon. The rest of us might be hurting just as much. If not from being away from their loved ones, but from Master having lost whatever moral compass he has left.”

“… Do I have to? I don’t… I don’t want to leave-“

Devil’s vision became blurred as his eyes started to water. No matter how many times Temperance said it; he knew the Temperance he knew would no longer be around once this vision was over. He could just stay resting on his lap, to stay in that utopia he didn’t have enough time to be in. He felt Temperance shift his head, his cheek now resting on Devil’s forehead, moving it a little in an attempt to nuzzle against him.

“We’ll see each other again very soon. I’ll be here, you’ll be here. We will both take care of everyone. But they need you right now.”

Never in his life did he want to move as badly as he did right then. He was still useless in his spot, just being cuddled into by this personification of kindness and warmth. Leave it to him to feel compassion for the ones who lead to his demise. He took in a deep breath through his nose. His orders were clear. What he needed to do now was secured.

“Master’s going to destroy the palace.”


“I need to help them.”


“… I want to see you again.”

“You will.”

Temperance leaned his head up a little, smiling down at him before reaching forward a bit more. Devil’s eyes felt a bit heavy, letting them close shut as he felt a faint warmth on his lips. The world around him became white again, hearing only vague voices from afar.

Take care of them. Please. We will see each other again. I promise.

Slowly, Devil opened his eyes again, darkness surrounding him. He grit his teeth as he pushed himself to sit up. There were no flames to see anywhere around him, and he was once again on the floor of the ice cavern. He tapped his chest, feeling no injury on it what so ever, or anywhere else on him for that matter. The blood however, stayed. Carefully, he pushed himself onto his feet, wobbling a little as he heard the sound of the door opening.

“Bloody hell!!”

He looked up, seeing the gaggle of trespassers from earlier, managing to stabilize himself as his doppelganger approached him worriedly. Devil didn’t exactly keep his focus on him however, noticing a familiar pair of violet eyes staring at him from behind the man with the large eyebrows.

… Temperance…

“What happened?”

Devil’s brows furrowed a bit, seeing the man with the sunshine eyes straighten up a bit at being stared at. He wasn’t lying, he was… different now. That must have been the host that took over his body. Temperance was in there, just like he said. But he was not dead. Not yet anyway, and he was going to keep it that way. He himself, meanwhile, had a promise to keep.

“…. Follow me if you want to get out of here alive.”
Devil's Snare

A Dreamtalia fanfic, oh me oh my! It's true! I was commissioned by sabbybina to write a fanfic about Dreamtalia to the musical inspiration of "I've Waited For This Moment" from Madoka Magica Rebellion (…), so I thought of perhaps Devil and Reve's showdown while everyone was off saving Canada. Though as you realized it got pretty sweet by the second half there, that was inspired by two other songs, "Careless Whisper" (this version…) and another Madoka Magica track, "Sagitta luminis" (…). It's some gooood stuff. And surprise I kinda ship Devil/temperance so there's some of that.

When it comes to me, you can never escape the gay. Is it canon? Or is it just conjecture for a commisson? One will never know >w>~

Interested in commissoning me for more things like this? Check out my commisson page!…


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
American girl who does a lot of weird Hetalia stuff! Creator of Dreamtalia and Hetalia Episode 23.5, I do a lot of stuff towards that but also along the lines of whatever else like cosplaying, fanfics, the occassional drawing here or there. Who knows! Basically an all around derp girl holdin out for some praise


Tentative Items/Prices:

video game choice - 20$ (or more depending on length of game)
cohost on LP - 15$ (2 Episodes)
Slideshow - 15$

One Shot - 10$
Multi-Chapter - (Needs to be Discussed)
Continuation of Previous Fic - 15$

Hand/Digital Drawn Picture
black and white - 10$ (For a bunch of people,maybe 12)
colored - 12-15$

HetaGame Services
Plot Creating - 20$
Staff Creating (Gathering coders and artists) - 25-30$
Script - 25-100$ (Depends on length)

Always open to haggling~

And because it doesn't hurt, my friend's suggested I have a donate button

Donate Here



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i cant download the updated dreamtalia game but im not on a mac but it still wont work, do u have any other downloads for the game?
Littledreamer35 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello! So, I have a bit of an... Interesting problem. I actually have an idea for a game (it could be a Hetagame, or it could be it's own thing), but it's not for a story. It's more like something that could be put in a game that makes things interesting. My problem is that I don't know what kind of game could work with the idea, and even if I did, I have to deal with the fact that I don't know how to code and I have a shitty computer. Do you have any suggestions?
KyoKyo866 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
hm well, what sort of idea is it? if its for a game you could try to team up with other people thatd be able to code if youre physically unable to do it yourself.
Littledreamer35 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Well, it stems off from precious stones. If you kinda get into the hippie stuff, then certain stones mean certain things. For instance, snowflake obsidian, if you keep it with you, helps protects and purifies. I was think if it was in a game with battling, if you get a certain stone, it can affect how the battle goes. Say one stone is said to help with money, then you can get more cash at the end of the battle. If it brings protection, then it can help makes attacks miss you, and so on and so forth.
Cryaotic1girl2013 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, Kyo! I hope I'm not bugging you with this, but I found a Hetalia game called "Winter Never Came" [the demo] and I thought it might be another game you could play. I don't mean to force it on you, and am certainly not requesting you play it, I just stumbled on it and thought that maybe you could play it in the future if you were interested. I don't even know if you have played it, but I'll link it anyways; 


Thank you for reading this, I love your let's plays. 
KyoKyo866 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Cryaotic1girl2013 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, alright. 
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Hello am sorry to bother you and I hope I don't sound rube but I was wondering if you were ever going to live stream dreamtalia like you did in December I believe it was because I really wanted to see it but and am sure other did too but my wifi wasn't working that day so I figured  I ask thank you for your time and I really hope am not annoying you 
KyoKyo866 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd probably do another one in December, keeping it a once a year sorta thing
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